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Frequently Asked Questions
The Parallel Card™

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please email us.

What Happened to gabpay?

The GabPay p2p wallet was phased out in September 2023 and replaced with the entirely new appearance, experience, and functionality of The Parallel Card™, powered by Parallel.

Is There a Cost to Upgrade?

Nope! There is no cost to upgrade!

Are My Transfer Fees Increasing?

Absolutely Not. In fact, the fees will go down.

Do I Have to Have a New Parallel Card?

We encourage you to request the new Parallel Card for use at your favorite locations or online. Your assistance in promoting the message that "Some Lines Cannot Be Crossed" is invaluable. By showcasing the card, you contribute to our ongoing stand against the woke mob. Please note, you don't need a physical card to utilize Parallel.

I Hear I Get a New Bank Account?

Yes. gabpay was initially established as a wallet in conjunction with a sponsor bank. This bank managed the funds in a single bank account for all users, where each user's activities involved deposits and withdrawals from that shared account. With the introduction of Parallel, you will receive a unique Routing and Account number that is assigned solely to you. Additionally, you will receive The Parallel Card™, a debit card specifically designed for use with your new account.

Is There a Credit Check Involved?

No, we are not concerned with your credit history. We are not providing a line of credit or a credit card. You can transfer funds to your new account from another financial institution. In fact, Parallel enhances your ability to load funds, including in person at locations around the United States.

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